A downloadable game for Windows

A short game made with Rpg Maker MV for the Extra Credits Holiday Jam.

Play as Jeff - a cat who dreams of becoming one of Santa's elves. But before he can get there, he has to get past this one final exam. 

Help him go through the questions, help his friend also with those pesky math questions and don't get caught cheating.


  • Mouse: Left Button
  • Keyboard: Z/Space/Enter and Arrow Keys

Install instructions

Unzip, run Elf Cat Jeff.exe


Elf Cat Jeff (ver 1.1).zip 94 MB


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The game has an issue loading images, specifically the rules. It won't load the exam (or show anything of the notes, but that completes safely).

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Pfff just when I thought I was done. I’ll try to get it fixed by the end of the jam. Thanks for letting me know!

Fixed! At least I think so..

Works now! <3