A downloadable game

This is a short game created using Rpg maker MV for the Short and Sweet game jam.

This is a fairly short experience about running around and helping people.


Changes in version 1.01: a couple of bug fixes, added credits at the end that I originally forgot about


Movement: arrow keys

Confirm: Z / space bar / enter

Cancel / Menu:  X

Sprint: Shift (hold)


Graphics, design, eventing: Laureste

Plugins: Yanfly, Mr. Trivel

Music: Aaron Krogh, D.C. Kairi Sawler


Helper witch ver 1.01.exe 456 MB
Helper witch.exe 456 MB


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When I saw how much data it takes I was thinking: How can something so short take so much storage?! @~@ 

But I enjoyed the game!

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Tysm! Honestly, I've made this 2 years ago and I still have no clue why it takes up so much space lol. Thanks for playing!

I like all the small stories inside your game. I enjoyed helping velvet and her sister and everybody else in the village.  The Music is motivating me. Thanks for making the game, it has provided me a good time.

I'm super glad you liked it. Thank you for playing <3

I really like the game, it's short but fun to play, I like the arts and characters it's simple and cute. I know this game was made last year but I find it interesting because of the arts, characters and the story.

I hope you don't mind if I upload my gameplay in youtube, I want to share it with my friends.

Keep Up the Good Work!

Thank you so much! I don't mind at all and I'm really happy that you liked it  :)

Just like the jam's title short and sweet! My suggestion is maybe when we look to the things around us miss helper witch could give toughts about the things like when we click the tress she says something like "a tree!" And when we click the tree again "nothing more nothing less, a tree!" Idk lol 😂 oh, when i tried to "remember command" and out it says erorr? Like file not found qwq i really love the art! So cute<3 thank you for your hardwork, i hope you have a nice day and a good night's rest uwu

Omg thank you so so much <3 Unfortunatly I've lost the game files in the meantime so I won't be able to update the game anymore, but that's a great suggestion, I didn't really pay much attention to details like that (I'll keep it in mind if I ever make a game again). As for the error, again I can't really do anything anymore + I'm not sure what "remember command" even is. Nonetheless, thanks for downloading and I'm really glad you enjoyed it. Have a nice day as well!