A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android

Made in a couple of days, initially for the Fourth Extra Credits Jam - the theme being Connect.

Maia is a loner and an outcast. She despises "the cool kids". Now that she has to spend some time with them, will she find it easy to connect with them? 

The themes are friendship (or a lack thereof), hate and misjudements.

I made this game reflecting upon myself from when I was in middle school and I envied the kids who were happier than me. I was very hateful and unfairly judgemental of them. Little did I know, they actually weren't so bad.

CONTENT WARNING !  This game contains:

  • Bullying
  • Strong Language
  • References to Drugs and Alcohol
  • Sexual Themes
  • Bright Colours
  • and lots of teen angst


  • Mouse: Left & Right Button
  • Keyboard: Z/Space/Enter, X and Arrow Keys

What changed in version 1.1? 

Not much, a couple of bug fixes: one where pictures wouldn't load, making the game unplayable, and one where the wrong music played, starting with the second half of the game.

(Also, the Android version might not work very well, I'm not sure :// )


Maia and the Cool Kids 1.1 (Linux).zip 164 MB
Maia and the Cool Kids 1.1 (Mac).zip 418 MB
Maia and the Cool Kids 1.1 (Windows).zip 160 MB
Maia And The Cool Kids .apk 342 MB


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I absolutely love this game, haha. Its funny and all too real. Plus, the art style is super cute!


Damn, you played through it really fast! And thank you, that’s really sweet! <3