A downloadable game for Windows

Craft the most pointless anime protag in the world and write her story by completing tasks such as:

  • deciding what anime genre she fits best in
  • writing lyrics for the opening song

In the end, discover what her destiny truly holds for her! In this short text-based game made in RPG Maker MV that kind of goes nowhere.

Made for Mini Jam 22. The theme being Anime and the limitation - Female Protagonist.


  • Mouse: Left & Right Button
  • Keyboard: Z/Space/Enter, X and Arrow Keys


-plugins by: Yanfly, Galv, ocean pollen, SumRndmDde (http://sumrndm.site/)

-window skin by: Sharm

-music from: Dl sounds.com

-everything else: Laureste

Install instructions

Unzip, run My Anime Story.exe


My Anime Story.zip 144 MB


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Dude this game Made My Day! It's Really Relaxing to play and easy. I Love this!

I hope you don't mind if I upload my gameplay in youtube, I want to share it with my friends.

Thank You for the game! Keep up the good work!

Thanks for playing! Glad you liked it <3

this was amazing. One of my fav games so far this year.

Watch Minijam 22 + BYOG from Tiger_J on www.twitch.tv

Thank you so much! Wish I saw this live, but your reactions make me really happy :) Glad you liked it.